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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we remember the many doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals giving their time and talents to help the sick and injured, while most people kick back and enjoy a meal with family and friends. Professional Risk Associates is truly thankful for your dedication and service to others. Thank you! Many Americans love to celebrate traditions […]

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Beyond Professional Risk

As Professional Risk celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, we’re taking a moment to look back at the employees who helped make a difference in the healthcare community, the workplace, and our own local community. In this month’s edition, we celebrate 20 years with our Associate Vice President, Debbie Mee. Debbie was born the oldest of eight children […]

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Five Cyber Security Facts Medical Practices Need to Consider

Many practices still don’t think cyber security is an issue they need to worry about. One reason may be most breaches making the news involve large corporations like last year’s Target breach, or this year’s Community Health Systems, United States Postal Service and Home Depot breaches. While these large breaches are more likely to make the news, smaller […]

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Defensive Medicine Despite Immunity

Reforming medical malpractice laws, making it more difficult to file claims and pull physicians into malpractice lawsuits, has been championed by many advocates who believe this type of reform is directly linked to lowering the high costs associated with the practice of defensive medicine. Defensive medicine is widely believed to cost the United States a large portion of billions of […]

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Social Media Risk Management

With the influx of patient portals, healthcare review websites, and utilizing social media to enhance marketing, practices have new risks to manage beyond cyber liability, particularly relating to HIPAA and the physician-patient relationship. The Doctors Company has a plethora of short YouTube videos addressing a variety of topics that impact healthcare professionals. In this video, […]

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